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Xiamen Kaina Graphene Technology Co., Ltd.Uphold“Infinite innovation ends at perfection”Philosophy, adhere to scientific and technological innovation。
Talent is the foundation of the sustainable development of high-tech companies. Kaina insists on people-oriented, builds a platform for continuous development of employees, and provides young, powerful and motivated employees with opportunities for ability display and development. The excellent corporate culture and talent concept have enabled Kaina to develop into a young team with nearly 50 people, mainly born in the 1980s. Kaina’s young, sunny and positive team looks forward to your arrival.。

Xiamen Knano Graphene Technology Co., Ltd


Tel:   +86 592 6800664

Fax: +86 592 6800674


Building 16, No. 2881 Dongfu Blvd. 

Haicang 361027

Xiamen, Fujian

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