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Recruitment position :Sales Manager (salary negotiable)


【Job title】:Sales Manager

 【Number of recruits】:3 people

【Main job responsibilities】:
1、Daily sales:Responsible for handling customer consultation, quotation, negotiation, sales contract signing and performance tracking, payment payment tracking, and product after-sales service coordination for various sales channels;
2、New customer development:Master certain customer development resources and methods, and proactively explore potential customers for local and surrounding graphene applications;
3、Maintenance of existing customer relationships:Keep abreast of customer needs and new trends in the industry, and grasp and track key customers;
4、Project development support:According to the customer's requirements, cooperate with the R&D department to improve existing products or develop new products。

【job requirements】
1、College degree or above, graduated in electrochemistry, materials science and other related majors;
2、At least two years of experience in the lithium battery industry  Or New material related experience;
3、Experience in material and new product development in lithium battery manufacturers is preferred;Sales experience of carbon materials and additives is preferred;
5、Be able to independently be responsible for the development of new customers and the maintenance of existing customers, and provide technical support;
6、Have good teamwork spirit and communication skills, work conscientiously, be active and rigorous, and be able to adapt to frequent business trips。
7、Have a C1 or higher driver’s license, independent and safe driving is preferred。
8、Xiamen's working location is Haitou Business Building。


【basic information】
work place:Haicang District, Xiamen
Salary and benefits:Provide free lunch, five insurances and other benefits, salary is negotiable。


【Application method】
2、Mailing:South side of the second floor of Building 16, No. 2881 Dongfu Avenue, Haicang District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province  Comprehensive Management Department
     Matters needing attention:Please specify when sending by mail or post“Apply for Kaina XX position ”Typeface 。



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